Thin Mil and Hydrophobic Wall Coatings

Protect against water penetration​

What is hydrophobic coating?​

Hydrophobic coatings repel water, causing it to bead on the surface rather than penetrate the underlying material. Water penetration adversely affects the conditions of important buildings we live, work and visit every day.  MasterProtect® hydrophobic wall coatings provide long-term durability and weather resistance to prevent costly damage and ensure water damage won’t interrupt your life.

Thin Mil and Hydrophobic Coating Products

MasterProtect C 250

Strong bond to existing coatings | Applies in one coating

MasterProtect C 350

Hydrophobic properties of coating repel water and dirt for long lasting appearance | Decreases maintenance costs | Excellent color retention
Building in a warm climate using a hydrophobic wall coating for its durability and weather resistance.

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