MasterProtect C 250: Smooth, water-based 100% acrylic coating

Formerly: Thorosheen

How does MasterProtect C 250 work?

MasterProtect C 250 is a smooth, water-based, 100% acrylic coating for concrete and masonry.  It provides long-term protection against wind-driven rain, fungus, and mildew growth.

Recommended for use in:

  • Exterior
  • Vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Above grade
  • Protection and aesthetics
  • Concrete, masonry, cement plaster, stucco, EIFS, previously coated structures

What are the unique features of MasterProtect C 250?

  • Provides long-term protection against wind-drive rain, fungus and mildew growth

What are the benefits of MasterProtect C 250?

  • 100 acrylic formula forms smooth, durable film with excellent long-term adhesion
  • Resists wind-driven rain, helping prevent water penetration
  • Breathable to permit water vapor to escape
  • UV resistance provides excellent color retention for a long-lasting, attractive finish

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

MasterProtect C 250 - Medium

MasterProtect C 250 - Neutral

MasterProtect C 250 - Pastel

MasterProtect C 250 - Series Medium Low VOC

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