MasterSeal 595: Rapid-setting water-stop mortar

Formerly: Emaco Plug

How does MasterSeal 595 work?

MasterSeal 595 is a cement-based, water-stop mortar. It will stop running and seeping water through cracks in concrete under hydrostatic pressure. It can also be used to provide a watertight seal in pipes, tanks, manholes, and a variety of other locations.


Recommended uses:

  • Stopping running water through seeping cracks under hydrostatic water pressure
  • Providing watertight seals at manhole inlet, outlet, and invert connections
  • Providing watertight seals at joints in sewer lines
  • Providing watertight seals in concrete pipes, tanks, wet wells
  • Patching construction faults in precast and cast-in-place structures
  • Grouting anchors and bolts
  • Forming water-resistant coves at the junction of floors and walls

What are the features of MasterSeal 595?

  • Sets in 45 – 90 seconds
  • Controlled set behavior with no flash set
  • Very rapid strength gain
  • Forms watertight seals
  • Freeze/thaw resistant
  • One-component

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 595?

  • Stops running water
  • Reliable strength gain
  • Resistant to washout
  • Stops infiltration or exfiltration
  • Suitable for cold, wet environments
  • Just add water before using

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