Split Slab & Below-Grade Waterproofing

Protection for the most challenging applications 

Foundation and split slab waterproofing membranes prevent water infiltration into vital structures for both above and below grade foundations. Accessories extend the life of a waterproofing system, protecting your investment.

Split Slab & Below-Grade Waterproofing Products


MasterSeal 974, 975, 976

MasterSeal 974, 975 & 976 constitute a series of polypropylene drain board systems that reduce the amount of water coming into contact with the waterproofing membranes, relieve hydrostatic pressure, & extend the life of the waterproofing system.

MasterSeal 610, 614, 615

Waterborne, emulsified-asphalt dampproofing compounds | For use on “green” or slightly damp surfaces | Non-flammable to minimize fire hazard during application | Clean- up is easy – only water is needed
Waterproofing Membrane

MasterSeal HLM 5000

Seamless elastomeric waterproofing membrane for exterior below-grade or between-slab applications | Prevents water penetration | Elastomeric accommodates expansion and contraction | Long term resistance to bacteria, select acids, alkalis and salts
Below-Grade Waterproofing

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