Products and systems for sustainable construction

Driving sustainable construction solutions for our customers is important to BASF, and we work closely with you to find the right solution for your most pressing challenges. Our portfolio of products and systems for sustainable construction help build and restore structure ecologically and economically. 

Green Sense Concrete

An advanced concrete mixture optimization service where recycled materials are used with BASF chemical admixtures to produce high quality, environmentally-preferable concrete that can potentially help achieve LEED points.   

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Cement Reduction

A unique strength-enhancing admixture, Master X-Seed 55 allows for a reduction in cement content while also maintaining strength requirements to produce high quality, environmentally-preferable concrete for a sustainable solution.

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Enhanced-Durability Concretes

High-performance concrete that economically extends the service life of concrete structures, thereby conserving materials and lowering the total cost of ownership.   

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Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) with MasterSure Z 60 workability-retaining admixture

Reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions during construction while lowering safety impacts from placing concrete.

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Cool-Colored Concrete with MasterColor Liquid Admixtures

Lighter admixture colors produce concrete that has higher Solar Reflectance  (SR)  which can reduce heat

island effect and lighting requirements.

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Pervious Concrete

Innovative chemical admixture system helps produce pervious concrete, an economical, environmental solution for stormwater management. Recognized by the EPA as a Best Management Practice (BMP).   

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Strength-on-Demand Concrete

Cost-effective solution for overnight replacement of concrete pavements to reduce traffic congestion, energy use, and CO2 emissions. 

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Concrete Waste Management with MasterSet DELVO admixtures

Unique admixtures help producers control cement hydration to better manage returned plastic concrete and also reduce concrete wash water usage.

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Fiber-Reinforced Concrete 

The use of fibers in properly designed applications can improve durability through less shrinkage cracking and improve on site safety during installation.   

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