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    ​The background

    Lanseria Business park is ideally located in close proximity to major highways and main routes. The accesability, security and attractive landscape make this a prime location for industrial developments.
    Abbeydale secured a contract to construct a warehouse and manufacturing facility within Lanseria Corporate estate.

    The concrete requirements for the warehouse includes internal floors, external hardstands, columns up to 9m high, suspended slabs for
    office buildings and some readymix plaster applications. All of which are mixed using PPC Cement and Master Builders Solutions additives. 

    The challenge

    In the current post-lockdown economic climate and strenuous conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic the construction industry as a whole faces several issues.

    Arguably some of the most difficult challenges relate to curbing expenses and sourcing affordable quality products and workmanship
    and maintaingin safe working practices on site. The project commenced in April 2021 where we still experienced relatively high ambient temperatures. One prevailing concern was avoiding prolonged setting ​times when placing the hardstands to avoid any defects. The challenge was maintaining the benefits of modern concrete additive without
    negatively affecting the workflow on site. 

    Our solution

    Using premium aggragates and cementitious materials from PPC along with additives from Master Builders Solutions, PPC Readymix was able to provide cost effective solutions for their customer. 

    The performance of the additives allows for a significant reduction in the free water content of the concrete, yet it still produces a highly workable concrete mix with excellent fresh properties. Due to the effectiveness of these additives the dosage rates could be reduced, along with a reduction in SCM’s, in order to maintain the final setting time of the concrete as the temperatures fell by more than 20°C in some cases.

    The customer’s benefit

    • Significant cost reduciton on a R/MPa basis for concrete mixes
    • Highly workable concrete with excellent fresh properties such as open time and finishability
    • Prodcuts that produce high quality Readymix Mortar and
    • Plaster with extended open time (up to 24Hrs)
    • VMA’s to assist with intricate placement methods and prevent segregation and honeycombing. 

    Projects facts at a glance

    • 13900m3 concrete
    • 6500m2 of floors
    • 12 Months
    • 12 weeks daily pouring of surface beds and hardstands