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    ​Traffic Deck Systems

    Traffic coating is an essential part of maintaining any deck that sees a lot of traffic. When applied, these coatings add durability to the surface so that it can withstand even the heaviest trucks. Traffic coatings are necessary because these surfaces come into contact with many corrosive elements as well being impacted by harsh environments such as extreme weather.

    Eventually, the constant stressors eventually cause cracks to appear which may damage the integrity of the deck.

    At the heart of the problem is moisture that gets trapped in these cracks. The moisture causes expansion and thus, further cracking, which leads to a cycle that leads to continuous damage. 

    ​ The Importance of Traffic Deck Coatings:

    • ​To maintain durability of deck surface to receive traffic.
    • Help protect decks against corrosive environment and extreme weather.
    • Prevent moisture entry in to cracked deck surface.
    • To protect owner's investments.​

    ​What are Traffic Deck Coatings?

    • ​Strategically designed to waterproof and protect the decks.
    • To reinforce the deck surface against wear and tear.
    • They provide a hard and durable layer over concrete to protect it from heavy and extensive traffic.
    • For aesthetics and general maintenance.
    • Feel good factor.​

    MasterSeal M 866

    A tough elastic two component polyurethane membrane

    MasterSeal TC 242

    Solvent free, two component aromatic polyurethane coating for traffic decking applications

    MasterSeal TC 256

    Two-component polyurethane UV resistant traffic coating

    MasterSeal Traffic 1330

    Polyurethane, protective traffic-deck coating system

    MasterSeal Traffic 1342

    Polyurethane, waterproofing and protective traffic-deck coating system

    MasterSeal M 689

    A high elastic, ultra-fast curing, spray applied 100% polyurea membrane for use in waterproofing applications

    Traffic Deck Systems

    Contact Person

    Jacques Marais

    CS Segment Manager

    +27 72 613 2463


    Masterseal Solutions for waterproofing your structure - South Africa

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