MasterBrace FIB - A high Strength and High Modulus Unidirectional FRP Sheets


MasterBrace FIB is carbon, glass or aramid based, high strength and high modulus unidirectional sheets in MasterBrace FIB System.

Where is MasterBrace FIB applied?

MasterBrace FIB 230/50 CFS and MasterBrace FIB 300/50 CFS (High strength carbon fiber sheets) are used in:

  • Increasing the flexural and shear strength of the concrete beams
  • Increasing the flexural strength of the concrete slabs
  • Increasing the compressive strength of concrete columns
  • Enhancement of the ductility of concrete columns
  • Increasing the flexural strength of the wooden beams
  • Increasing the mechanical strengths of the masonry elements 

MasterBrace FIB 300/50 CFH (High modulus carbon fiber sheet) is used in: 

  • Strengthening of high strength, cast-in-situ, precast and pre-stressed RC elements
  • Shear strengthening of high strength RC elements. Note: For information regarding aramid or glass fiber FRP systems, please contact your BASF representative

What are the advantages of MasterBrace FIB?

  • Light and easy to carry
  • Easy to cut and re-shape
  • Easy to design (Unidirectional fibers and similar elasticity modulus with steel)
  • Good fatigue properties

Product Information

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MasterBrace FIB TDS

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