MasterEmaco N 304 - A cementitious repair mortar for non structural cosmetic repairs


MasterEmaco N 304 is a fine aggregate and binder combination with grading and chemical additives to allow for superior trowellability and finish.

Where is MasterEmaco N 304 applied?

MasterEmaco N 304 is ideal for restoration of honeycombed, spalled or otherwise damaged concrete. It may be used for flatwork, in-situ or precast beams, columns and walls. 

Properly applied, MasterEmaco N 304 provides a watertight plaster coat and crack or ferrule hole caulking for reservoirs, channels or other water retaining structures. It may be applied for mass or thin-set repairs, but should be used in conjunction with MasterCast 111 bonding agent. Consult the MasterCast 111 data sheet for dilution information.

Product Information 

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterEmaco N 304 TDS

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