MasterEmaco S 730 - A thixotropic fibre reinforced, polymer repair mortar


MasterEmaco S 730 is a ready to use, shrinkage compensated, blend of dry powders. It requires only the addition of potable water to produce a highly consistent repair mortar suitable for structural concrete and masonry repairs.

Where is MasterEmaco S 730 applied?

MasterEmaco S 730 is suitable for the following: 

  • All types of structural repairs that can be applied by trowel, spray or hand
  • Repair of structures subjected to repetitive loading and trafficked areas Repairs to reinforced or pre-stressed columns or beams
  • Industrial repairs, especially in areas containing mineral oils, lubricants etc
  • Repairs in marine environments

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco S 730?

  • MasterEmaco S 730 is chloride free and does not contain metallic aggregate
  • MasterEmaco S 730 is suitable for spray or trowel applications & in thicknesses up to 50mm in one layer, when applied by hand

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterEmaco S 730 TDS

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