MasterGlenium® 3405

High Range Water reducing multi dosage / plasticiser to produce low slump-loss flowable concrete.


MasterGlenium® 3405  is a High range water reducing, plasticising admixture for the production of low slump loss, high workability concrete.
MasterGlenium® 3405  is  formulated  for  use over a wide dosage range. MasterGlenium® 3405 can match the performance characteristics  of many superplasticisers at a similar dosage and lower cost.

Where is MasterGlenium® 3405 applied?

- In areas of congested reinforcement where high workability will ease placement and compaction.

- Hot weather concreting where extension of workability is beneficial.
- To effect reduction in the water cement ratio to achieve higher strengths by reducing water whilst retaining slump.

What are the advantages of MasterGlenium® 3405?

MasterGlenium® 3405 is formulated for use by commercial ready-mix operators, who can benefit from its multiple role characteristics by minimising admixture stock.

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