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    ​MasterSuna 3196

    Water reducing superplasticizer for the readymix industry specifically designed for use with challenging aggregates


    MasterSuna 3196 is an innovative superplasticizer utilizing polymers designed to improve the consistency and performance of concrete produced in readymix concrete plants.

    MasterSuna technology has been specifically developed to facilitate the production of concrete containing challenging aggregates.

    Use of challenging aggregates in concrete:

    The use of manufactured sand or crushed fine aggregate in concrete can pose difficulties not only to the concrete producer but also the user. Sand obtained from parent rock with active mineralogy and clays has the potential to bind water in their structure. Also, certain clays tend to absorb admixtures rendering them less effective in concrete.

    Differing types and varying levels of clay contaminants make it hard to control the workability of concrete. Increasing quantities of active clays lead to higher water demand with adverse effects on the properties of concrete.

    In instances where alternative aggregates cannot be sourced, MasterSuna can potentially reduce effects of manufactured and clay contaminated aggregates for easier use.​​

    Recommended Use:

    • Concrete containing manufactured sand
    • • Mixes with high proportions of manufactured sand
    • • Controlling fine aggregates with active clays
    • • Readymix concrete
    • • Piling concrete
    • • Post-tensioned concrete
    • • Precast & prestressed concrete
    • • Self-Compacting & Smart Dynamic Concrete
    • • Shotcrete
    • • Remote locations

    Features and Benefits:

    • Reduced mix costs
    • Effective & compatible with manufactured sands
    • Adaptable to varying levels of clay contaminants
    • Reduced need for natural sands
    • Improved mix efficiency
    • Improves concrete appearance & rheology
    • Facilitates production & consistent quality of concrete
    • Preserves natural resources​

    Info & price request

    MB Construction Chemicals Solutions South Africa (Pty) Ltd



    MasterSuna 3196 TDS

    pdf (141,24 Kb)