MasterTop 190- A pigmented silica aggregate surface hardener for concrete floors

Formerly Mastertop 190


MasterTop 190 is a factory blend of pigments, selected clean, kiln dried, optimally graded aggregates, portland cement, wetting and densifying aids to provide hardened coloured floors of good aesthetic appearance and durable performance. 

MasterTop 190 provides concrete floors with a reinforced high strength wearing surface (in excess of 60 MPa). It adjusts water:cement ratios of otherwise weaker surface pastes and bleed water residues during construction, and introduces exceptional aggregate and abrasion resistance where it is most needed.

Where is MasterTop 190 applied?

MasterTop 190 is suitable for concrete floor life extension in:

  • Shopping precincts
  • Retail or commercial outlets
  • Staff mess-rooms, kitchens
  • Washrooms, change rooms, corridor
  • Food processing plants or distribution facilities
  • Utility areas

What are the advantages of MasterTop 190?

MasterTop 190 has been specially developed to provide good colour and smooth finishes suitable for easy sealing, cleaning and maintaining.

  • Very good abrasion resistance (More than double that of untreated concrete)
  • Free from dusting
  • Uniform, dense surface impermeable to mild chemicals, acids and alkali
  • Resistance to continuous washing. Available in an attractive range of colours

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterTop 190 TDS

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