MasterTop® 528

Commercial grade self-leveling cementitious floor underlayment


MasterTop 528 is a self-leveling, cementitious, non-structural, floor underlayment for use over poured in-situ and precast concrete floors which will be covered by resin overlays, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tiles or natural stone. Only water needs to be added on site to obtain the desired consistency for pumping or manual installation.

Where is MasterTop 528 applied?

- Finishing rough undulating floors
- Levelling up floors
- Refurbishing old floors

What are the advantages of MasterTop 528?

- Highly fluid and pumpable for fast installation
- Rapid strength gain for fast installation of floor coverings
- Low installed cost
- Ready for foot traffic after 6-8 hours @ 23°C
- Return to service in 24 hours
- Suitable for most carpet and tile adhesives

Product Information:

Technical Data Sheet

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Mastertop 528 TDS

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