Specialty products and brands

Enershield, Senergy and Watson Bowman Acme

Solutions for the construction industry from different brands

BASF Construction Chemicals also offers some products that are not part of the Master Builders Solutions portfolio. Enershield air/weather barriers, Senergy exterior insulation finish systems and Watson Bowman Acme expansion joints and bearings are the perfect solutions to complete BASF's offering to the construction industry.


ENERSHIELD provides new options for creating high performance air and water-resistive barrier systems. Four concepts form the basis of ENERSHIELD:

- Efficient use of premium materials

- One air barrier material for all wall assemblies

- Extensive supporting test data

- Safety and Sustainability 

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BASF Construction Chemicals' Senergy Wall Systems are highly decorative, multi-layered, insulating and protective finish systems for exterior walls. EIFS systems and products address the complexities of design, performance, affordability, sustainability, climate and speed of construction. Combining knowledge, experience and the leading-edge technologies of BASF, our wall systems deliver innovative products and systems for every market, from new to retrofit — in commercial, institutional and residential construction.

EIFS is the only exterior wall covering that insulates and provides weather protection in a selection of shapes, colors and textures that can replicate almost any architectural style or finish material, or stand by itself as an architectural feature.

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Watson Bowman Acme

Specializing in the area of mechanical expansion joints and bridge bearings, Watson Bowman Acme is the recognized innovator in the design, development and manufacture of expansion joint control systems for the construction industry. Delivering an excellent performance in heavy duty bridges, warehouses and car parks, Wabo Expansion Joints not only bring the highest quality solutions to the most complex problems but are aesthetically pleasing and blend easily with the surroundings. Wabo also offers a range of bridge bearings that are available in elastomeric or pot versions and can also be supplied to meet the design input criteria of loading, movement and rotation.

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BASF Construction Chemicals Product Reference Guide_2018: Specialty products and brands

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