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    ​MasterFlex J Seal - High performance expansion joint system | South Africa

    MasterFlex J Seal Expansion Joint System description

    ​​The MasterFlex J Seal expansion joint system comprises a neoprene profile which is fixed in position with a two-part epoxy adhesive type MasterBrace ADH 2200 (Concresive 2200). The profile is occasionally bonded to Wabocrete II nosings but may also be fixed directly to suitable concrete or steel substrates. A profile glue is used for all neoprene-to-neoprene bonding.

    USES Masterflex J Seal expansion joint systems are versatile and simple, enabling effective sealing in a wide range of applications including road bridges, car park structures, commercial buildings, stadia and water management structures. Masterflex J Seal expansion joint systems will accommodate movements up to 100%. 

    MasterFlex J Seal Expansion Joint System Benefits​

    • Reliable and durable 
    • Wabocrete II polyurethane mortars nosings with proven reliability 
    • Versatile performance 
    • Can accommodate 100% movement 
    • Differential, rotational and shear movement accommodated 
    • Wide range of profiles to meet different gap and movement requirements 
    • Fabricated on site to suit site conditions 
    • Environmentally friendly 
    • Cold applied system

    MasterFlex J Seal Expansion Joint System Chemical Resistance

    ​Very Good
    ​Very Good
    ​Very Good
    ​Very Good
    ​Synthetic Oils
    ​Very Good
    ​Very Good

    MasterFlex J Seal Expansion Joint System​ Typical Properties*

    Substrate preparation:

    ​Cement grey
    ​​Mixed density:
    ​1758 kg/m³ at 25°C
    ​Compressive strength to ASTM D695:
    ​ 60 N/mm² at 7 days
    ​Bond strength:
    ​Greater than that of the concrete
    ​Pot life:
    At 25°C: 
    At 40°C:

    1 hour 45 minutes
    45 minutes
    ​Tack free time:
    At 25°C:
    At 40°C:

    7 hours
    2 hours 15 minutes
    ​Full cure:
    At 25°C:
    At 40°C:

    5 days
    3 days


    ​Shore A Hardness ASTM D2240 / BS 903 Part A26:
    ​Specific Gravity ASTM D297 / BS 903 Part A1:
    ​Tensile strength ASTM D412 / BS 903 Part A2:
    ​16 N/mm2
    ​Elongation at break ASTM D412 / BS 903 Part A2:
    ​Compression set (22 hours @ 100°C) ASTM D395B / BS 903 Part A6:
    ​After ageing properties ASTM D573 / BS 903 A19:
    ​24 hours @ 100°C
    ​Change in hardness ASTM D2240 / BS 903 Part A26:
    ​Change in tensile strength ASTM D412 / BS 903 Part A2:
    ​Change in elongation ASTM D412 / BS 903 Part A2: 

    *Properties listed are based on laboratory-controlled tests, are only for guidance and are not a guarantee of performance.

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    Masterflex J Seal TDS

    pdf (217,55 Kb)