Technical Services 

BASF Construction Chemicals not only supplies a wide range of solutions, but also provides unequaled technical support. With access to a global network of BASF construction experts, the Master Builders Solutions Technical Services Team provides technical expertise and recommendations – from conception through to completion – to make sure that our partners understand the use and application of our products to allow faster and more efficient construction.

Being the largest team of its kind in the Gulf region, the team combines in-depth knowledge of local building needs with the expertise gained in countless construction projects all over the world. Throughout the different project stages, they enable our customers to meet their project deadlines. They provide innovative and customized solutions, conduct training for applicators at our Master Builders Solutions Training Centre, issue corresponding certificates, and make product demonstrations as well as mock-ups on-site. This team is also organizing industry and product specific workshops and seminars for customers on new technologies and applications.

Technical Bulletins

The Master Builders Solutions Technical Services Team from the GCC region has prepared a series of bulletins with useful technical information about the use and application of BASF's products. Please click on the links below to access the PDF versions.

TB 01 -  Grouting on an industrial scale

TB 02 - Fast Track Screed

TB 03 - Ucrete Primer FS

TB 04 - Watertight Construction Systems

TB 05 - Trouble-Free Watertight Structure

Technical Services