Solutions for the Mining Industry in South Africa


BASF, under the Master Builders Solutions brand is the world leader in the provision of reliable, customer oriented product solutions to the mining sector. For more than 100 years, our innovations have become today’s industry benchmark; we have supplied globally customized solutions that perform in the ever changing geological environments and challenging underground conditions. Today we continue to support the mining sector with technological advancements that can directly enhance safety and improve productivity for a sustainable mining future.

Ground Support

Rock solid ground support

During mining operations many important processes are carried out such as ground support, which safely secures the excavated area. BASF’s experienced, service-minded engineers are capable of tackling a wide range of challenges safely and cost effectively. Our core competencies relate to ground support utilizing fiber-reinforced sprayed concrete and unique thin spray-on liners (TSLs) that are flame retardant and form long-lasting seamless bonding to prevent weathering, even on complex geological surfaces.

Sprayed concrete

Ground Consolidation

Higher productivity and safety with reliable ground consolidation

The Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF offers a complete range of specialized injection resins and systems for ground consolidation during mining and rock excavation.

By understanding the geological challenges faced in both hard rock mining and coal mining, our global technical team supplies the most cost-effective pre- and post-injection solutions for ground consolidation to stabilize poor ground conditions and tackle unexpected water ingression. With practical training programs and jobsite support, operational disruption is kept to a minimum and a successful workflow is achieved.



Efficient, high-performing products enhance TBM drives

The relatively new concept of applying TBM technology in mining over conventional drilling and blasting methods has demonstrated an increase in production efficiency, accelerated excavation rate and improved working conditions.

As global leader in custom-designed solutions for soft ground and hard rock tunneling we deliver the largest range of reliable and technically sophisticated TBM products and services for soft ground shielded machines and open hard rock methods.

Our total solution approach identifies the most cost-effective products and systems to improve TBM operational efficiency. We integrate our professional and competent technical services from project start up, providing a team of international and local mining specialists to help with product training, technical advice, job site support and troubleshooting.



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