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Con Master Builders Solutions, BASF introduce una marca global de soluciones químicas avanzadas para la construcción. La nueva marca se basa en la fuerza de muchas marcas y productos BASF ya existentes, y representa nuestra experiencia de más de 100 años en el sector de la construcción.

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Un Mensaje a los Clientes en COVID-19 (31/03/20)

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Online Planning Tool

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Watson Bowman

Soluciones para Juntas Arquitectónicas, Estacionamientos o Puentes y Vialidades

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Objetos BIM

Ayudamos a que seleccione, especifique y use el mejor producto con objetos BIM que desarrollamos.

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Localiza un Distribuidor

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Curriculum Master Builders Solutions

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Lone Star Funds to acquire BASF’s Construction Chemicals business


Facebook 07/08/2020

Today is the International Beer Day! As every brewery is exposed to aggressive acids, heat and cleaning chemicals, a special industrial floor that withstands all the rigors of modern brewing is ...

Facebook 05/08/2020

Researchers of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, in Italy, (Erminio Salvatore, Giuseppe Modoni, Maria Cristina Mascolo) together with geotechnical experts of BASF Construction ...

Facebook 04/08/2020

Jill Spaeh, our Global Virtual Design & #Construction (VDC) Specialist, shares with Emergent Enterprise how our extensive #BIM object & digital content library was developed to create an ...

Facebook 22/07/2020

Bearing Seal Greases protect the main bearing and prevent water, soil and dust from entering the main bearing sealing. Our Bearing seal greases (BSG) provide continuous seal for the main bearing ...

Facebook 13/07/2020

MasterRoc TSG 800 is a fire-resistant tail seal grease for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). In addition to improved fire resistance, the product’s lower density reduces consumption. Check out this ...

Facebook 07/07/2020

Happy World Chocolate Day! In the confectionery industry, hygiene is a top priority. To guarantee a high quality of consumer goods like chocolate, the right flooring is of high importance! Ucrete ...

Facebook 25/06/2020

MasterFlow 9800 is the revolutionizing bulk supplied high strength grout for offshore wind turbine foundations, which ensures up to 15% less installation cost, 50% faster grouting works and 25 ...

Facebook 23/06/2020

The Mumbai metro line 3, currently under construction, will be the first underground line of the city. Master Builders Solutions is supplying MasterSeal 700BG, a PVC synthetic waterproofing ...

Facebook 16/06/2020

The installation of offshore wind farm foundations is a very challenging process. It demands the maximum from man and material and also requires a perfect coordination of all operations – ...

Facebook 11/06/2020

MasterSure LDP is an innovative plasticizer whose unique polymer configuration was specially developed for the highly demanding requirements of deep foundation construction. In the production of ...

Facebook 09/06/2020

Learn more about our revolutionary solutions for offshore grouting: The knowledge and experience sharing between Jan de Nul Group and Master Builders Solutions were key factors to the successful ...

Facebook 07/06/2020

Today is the official World Food Safety Day! On the occasion of this day we would like to emphasize the importance of the right flooring for food production plants in terms of food safety. Find ...

Facebook 05/06/2020

Renewable energy sources contribute to sustainable development as well as to climate change mitigation, one the key factors to ensure a heathier environment. Our solutions for wind turbine ...

Facebook 02/06/2020

MasterFlow 9800 is the revolutionizing bulk supplied high strength grout for offshore wind turbine foundations which ensures up to: -15% Less installation cost -50% Faster grouting works -25 ...

Facebook 26/05/2020

MasterFlow 9800 is a bulk supplied, high strength and fatigue resistant cement based grout for offshore wind turbine installations, which allows grouting in the shortest weather window. ...

Facebook 25/05/2020

Hazem Jadallah from our global specifications team is presenting our new Webinar “Building Better Specifications When Designing Non-Domestic Projects” on Wed 27th May at 11.00 EST, the webinar ...

Facebook 18/05/2020

On the occasion of today’s International Museum Day, we would like to highlight a special success story: our 3.000m² flooring project at the Museum of London, one of the world’s largest urban ...

Facebook 14/05/2020

Concrete element production is impossible without suitable cleaning and release agents – to keep the formwork clean and to facilitate formwork removal. IDEAL Beton, a manufacturer of precast ...

Facebook 12/05/2020

We are joining @BIMsmith this Wednesday at 1:00pm ET on BIMsmith Coffee Club to talk about “Designing for High-Performance Building Envelopes, Catalyzed by BIM”. Attendees can receive 1 AIA ...

Facebook 12/05/2020

Welcome to BIM Tuesday! Our goal is to inform you about what Master Builders Solutions has to offer and to build your confidence when talking about BIM and VDC with your customers and business ...

Facebook 28/04/2020

Today is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work! Especially in wet processing areas, there is a high risk of incidents due to slips, trips and falls. Ucrete industrial flooring contributes ...

Facebook 24/04/2020

To strengthen geological fault zones and prevent water ingress, we provide a comprehensive range of injection products, which can also be used for TBM cutterhead interventions, providing an ...

Facebook 22/04/2020

MasterFlow 9600 is a bulk supplied, offshore grout for grouting foundations of wind turbine installations, which has been specially developed for use as volume stable skirt backfill for monopile ...

Facebook 13/04/2020

Are you looking for long-term maintenance free operations and reduced offshore installation costs? Our new success story soon online will show you how to achieve all this with MasterFlow 9800! ...

Facebook 13/04/2020

Join us for our next webinar where you will go on a journey of how the repair and refurbishment of concrete can increase the structure’s durability and integrity. April 14th, 2020 (Tuesday 10:30 ...

Facebook 12/04/2020

May your Easter basket be filled with joy and love. Happy Easter everyone!

Facebook 09/04/2020

Wind turbines are special, their safe and durable installation largely depends on the correct design and interaction of all components starting from the foundations. MasterFlow 9500 is an ...

Facebook 31/03/2020

Our customer Hütthaler KG is a best practice for us in terms of Ucrete as the ideal flooring for the meat processing industry. The client opted for three different Ucrete DP systems for specific ...

News 30/03/2020

Un Mensaje a los Clientes en COVID-19

La División de Químicos para la Construcción en México CA&C de BASF están monitoreando muy de cerca la situación de Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Facebook 27/03/2020

Clear the stage: Today is World Theatre Day and we are looking at the Maillon Theatre in France, where our admixtures have been successfully used. MasterGlenium SKY, Master Polyheed, MasterColor ...

Facebook 23/03/2020

In the recently released February/March edition of the North American Tunnelling Journal, our tunneling expert Dr. Wolfgang Aldrian explains current developments in sprayed concrete linings. Read ...

Twitter 21/03/2020

Sabemos que confías en nosotros y por eso estaremos contigo siempre que nos necesites. Descarga la #AppOficial

Twitter 21/03/2020

¿Necesitas un folleto o ficha técnica actualizada? Consúltalos en el "Área de Descargas"

Twitter 20/03/2020

Conoce las razones de ser de Master Builders Solutions y conéctate con nosotros.

Twitter 20/03/2020

¿No encuentras un producto específico? ¡Encuéntralo en nuestro "Buscador de Productos"!

Twitter 20/03/2020

Las mejores soluciones para impermeabilización y sellado las encontrarás en el siguiente enlace

Twitter 20/03/2020

Muchos te dirán que pueden proteger el #Concreto. ¡Pero nadie lo hace como nosotros! Conoce las razones en

Twitter 20/03/2020

Con más de 100 años de experiencia podemos asesorar a #Especificadores, #Contratistas y más. Conoce nuestro servicio

Twitter 20/03/2020

Algunas estructuras requieren de una alta resistencia a la fatiga. Los #Grouts #MasterFlow estan diseñados para ello

Twitter 20/03/2020

Este fabricante de refrescos necesitaba un piso que requiriera poco mantenimiento y soportara de todo #MBSenelMundo

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