BASF launches its unique, first-of-a-kind waterproofing solutions for concrete protection in South Asia

  • MasterPel® 777: robust 2-in-1 admixture for basic waterproofing and water reduction
  • MasterEmaco® SBR 2: time and energy efficient bonding and dispersant additive for renders, repairs and waterproofing slurries
  • MasterEmaco® SBR ECO: low volatile organic compound and odorless agent and dispersant for repairs and waterproofing slurries

BASF’s Construction Chemicals division today announced the launch of three new waterproofing solutions that make concrete structures more durable and resistant to weathering.

With its unique dispersion technology, MasterEmaco® SBR series from Master Builders Solutions by BASF enhances time and energy efficiency for general repairs, bonding coats and waterproofing.

Master Builders Solutions from BASF today introduced MasterPel® 777 to the South Asia markets – robust 2-in-1 admixture solution that serves as water proofer (IS2645) and water reducer (IS 9103) for everyday concrete.

“We are excited to bring in first-of-its-kind waterproofing technologies from Master Builders Solutions that can bridge the gap between faster process and quality construction and refurbishment for the South Asian market. These solutions will help our customers to meet the growing demand for a faster construction process with M20-30 grade of concrete for both new and existing concrete structures,” said Nilotpol Kar, Business Director of BASF Construction Chemicals in India.

Helping to extend the service life of structures, the new solutions are contributing to sustainable construction by lowering the demand for raw materials and energy for construction in the long run.

New solutions to overcome repair & waterproofing challenges

Equipped with BASF’s formulation excellence, MasterPel® 777 is the first integral solution performing multiple roles of water proofer (IS2645) and water reducer (IS 9103) for everyday concrete. The contribution of this solution to faster construction is two-fold: As a water reducer, MasterPel® 777 accelerates early strength development. Since it acts as a water proofer as well, the separate step of waterproofing can be saved.

MasterEmaco® SBR 2, is the first bonding agent with unique dispersion technology that enhance time and energy efficiency for general repairs, bonding coats and waterproofing. This technology coats and wets the cement particle more efficiently and hence enables faster hand mixing on-site either by mechanical means or by hand.

MasterEmaco® SBR ECO, is a bonding agent and dispersant for screeds, repairs and waterproofing slurries with low volatile organic compound and no odor, which ensures good indoor air quality. These qualities can support our customers to address the growing market demand for environmentally friendly and safe construction. The new solutions will be available in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.