​Master Builders Solutions at the BetonTage exhibition in Neu-Ulm, Germany

  • Wide range of solutions for the concrete and prefabricated concrete industry

  • New release agent line Master Finish RL 450

Neu-Ulm, Germany, February 22, 2016 – From February 23 to 26, 2016, the experts from BASF Master Builders Solutions® will present their solutions for customers from the concrete and prefabricated concrete industry on stand number 19/20 at the BetonTage exhibition in Neu-Ulm.

For example, they will be providing information on the form release agent line MasterFinish RL 450. The newly formulated concrete form release agent only contains solvents with a flame point above 60°C. Although the new product does not sacrifice the good processing properties of inflammable release agents, users will not have to comply with the requirements for the storage, use and handling of inflammable solvents. With this new release agent, BASF is meeting the growing demand for user-friendly products. MasterFinish RL 450 will be manufactured at the release agent plant in Staßfurt, which was commissioned in May 2015.

MasterEase with outstanding rheological properties

Furthermore, the experts from Master Builders Solutions are presenting the MasterEase product series at the exhibition. MasterEase was introduced at the end of last year and ensures outstanding rheological properties for high-performance concrete, guaranteeing low viscosity combined with high stability for concrete formulations. MasterEase also makes for easier pumping and concreting.

Master X-Seed concrete hardening accelerator

Master X-Seed, an advanced concrete hardening accelerator that can double concrete hardening in the early stages of curing, is also being presented at the BetonTage exhibition. This helps boost productivity in reinforced concrete and ready-mix concrete production. Master X-Seed also facilitates concreting at winter temperatures. In industrial floor construction, for example, the concrete can be applied and smoothed within a single working day. In underground and above ground structures, significantly earlier formwork removal times are possible, allowing the reliable planning of construction progress.

Improved surface protection with MasterPel and MasterCast

The hydrophobic ingredients of MasterPel and MasterCast provide concretes and mortars with better protection against fouling at the same time as significantly reducing water absorption. Concrete blended using these products features enhanced weather resistance and better protection against efflorescence.