New tinting concept for Performance Flooring and Waterproofing systems from BASF

From now on the MasterTop and MasterSeal products from the Master Builders Solutions product range will also be tinted locally at BASF sites in Germany, Czech Republic and Italy. So far, local tinting hubs only existed in Finland, England, Belgium, France and Spain. Due to this investment, BASF sets-up a pan-European infrastructure that increases flexibility and brings supply efficiency close to the customer.

The warehouses of the European sites are supplied with a non-tinted base which is produced in Oldenburg, Germany, the company's recently opened new Competence Center for Performance Flooring and Waterproofing systems in Europe. This base will be tinted locally to provide rapid production and delivery time by reducing the transport distance. “The roll out of the tinting machines in Europe will improve our professional service significantly. We are now able to support our customers with our Polyurethane and Epoxy solutions much more flexible and even quicker,” says Luc Van Eldere, Head of Business Segment Management Performance Flooring Europe.

To realize the area-wide tinting approach BASF invested in the renewal and replacement of machines and continuously focused on improving product quality. To ensure color uniformity of the MasterTop and MasterSeal products across Europe, the different shades of colors have been calibrated and set individually for each hub.

With the new tinting and delivery concept BASF is ideally positioned to supply all major European markets and to enter new markets, especially in Eastern Europe.

About MasterTop and MasterSeal systems

Under the brand MasterTop, BASF offers a broad portfolio of innovative, liquid-applied resin flooring systems for a wide range of applications in public buildings, healthcare facilities, hotel industry and production halls – to name just a few. As the requirements faced by each individual floor are different MasterTop products have been developed in such a way that they can be tailored individually to meet specific performance criteria, technical and aesthetic requirements, as well as allowing fast, cost-effective application. The non-solvented MasterTop flooring systems feature low emissions, high strength and low maintenance expenses combined with high durability. Thanks to the wide variety of colors available and liquid application, these flooring systems also allow individual seamless floor designs with respect to shapes and colours.

The MasterSeal range from BASF includes high-performance impregnation and waterproofing products to protect structures against the undesired ingress of water, moisture and contaminations from their surroundings. The products include rapid-hardening waterproofing agents for manual or sprayed application that can be used for the refurbishment and protection of many different types of buildings. These market-leading innovative technologies are suitable for the waterproofing of all types of structures, including car parks, road surfaces, industrial plants, water treatment and wastewater plants.