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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enablin​​​g Sustainable Constructi​on​

    Our Sustainability A​​pproach

    As our world develops, it requires buildings and infrastructure, it requires construction. The construction industry today is looking for sustainable solutions. As part of the construction industry, we actively contribute to this positive development.
    What does this mean in practice? Today, more than a third of our portfolio is made up of products and solutions that contribute to sustainability in the construction materials industry. And we intend to significantly grow the use and adoption of our highest performing products in our portfolio. A 50% reduction of the carbon footprint of concrete is already possible today and all while maintaining the same cost base.
    The benefits of our products include preserving resources (e.g., recycled materials), reducing clinker and the corresponding reduction of embodied CO2 in concrete, eliminating production waste, and reducing energy consumption. We are renown in the industry as a driver of innovation and are constantly striving to improve our solutions and technologies.
    Construction is a people business, and together we will drive sustainable development. We enable the constru​​ction industry to reduce its carbon footprint and resource consumption while at the same time increasing its technical performance and economic productivity. 
    ​   ​​

    We can do this now, together.

    Environmental challenges of the construction industry​

    ​​​How our solutions support sustainable constr​​uction

    Delivering sustainable solutions is a key pillar of our portfolio. Already today, more than 35% of all products delivered by the group of companies provide improved sustainable performance. Increasing economic benefits while at the same time reducing global warming potential is one of the ways to demonstrate and promote Master Builders Solutions’ approach. How products from the Master Builders Solutions range contribute to this is the focus of the campaign “Quantified Sustainable Benefits.” Master Builders Solutions experts together with European customers present selected cases that demonstrate how superior chemistry enables customers to increase their productivity as well as decrease operational costs and carbon footprint. Externally validated evaluation tools such as the Life Cycle Analyzer quantify the obtained benefits.

    How we enhance the sustainability of concrete

    • Typical challenges we mastered with MasterGlenium, MasterEase and Smart Dynamic Concrete (SDC) admixtures:
    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through clinker content reduction.
    • Tight construction schedule, faster solutions through high early strength development
    • Use of manufactured / local sands and recycled aggregates
    • Composite systems including alternative reinforcement for resources savings.
    • Curing energy reduction in pre-cast concrete production – improving cycle times and energy reduction.

    Tunneling and mining solutions

    • Saving time and resources with MasterRoc:
    • Spray application of concrete and waterproofing membranes
    • Waterproofing and injections for stabilization and long-lasting solutions
    • Tunnel boring machines (TBM) solutions for high efficiency​​​​​

    ​Quantified sustainable benefits – reduce your footprint and boost your bottom line.

    The Master Builders Solutions portfolio of class-leading products for the construction industry unites a common principle: increased resource efficiency which allows for significant cost savings and a reduced ecological footprint. These benefits of advanced chemistry are proven by acknowledged measurement tools – we call it:

    Quantified Sustainable Benefits.

    ​Deep dive into our admixture portfolio

    Master Builders Solutions offering directly addressing CO¬2 emissions:
    Master X-Seed Teaser Image

    Master X-Seed

    Enable low-clinker blended cement
    Strength enhancer enabling early setting time of concrete.

    MasterEase / MasterGlenium Teaser Image

    MasterEase / MasterGlenium

    Enable low-clinker blended cement
    Superplasticizers optimizing strength and workability. 

    MasterSuna RCA Teaser Image

    MasterSuna RCA

    Enable circularity
    Enabler for using higher shares of recycled aggregates.

    MasterSuna SBS Teaser Image

    MasterSuna SBS

    Address sand scarcity
    Enabler for using lower quality (clay-containing) sand.

    MasterSphere Teaser Image


    Expand application of new cement types
    Enabler of resistance in extreme exposure classes and outdoor weathering.

    MasterFiber Teaser Image


    Decrease steel in construction
    Polypropylene fibers allowing reduction or complete substitution of reinforcement. 

    ​External Engagement

    Sustainalytics Top Rated 2023

    Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating

    In 2023, Master Builders Solutions was recognized as an ESG Industry Top Rated Company by Morningstar Sustainalytics, a global leader in providing high-quality, analytical environmental, social and governance (ESG) research, ratings, and data.

    Endorser Logo

    UNGC Global Compact Participant

    In 2024, Master Builders Solutions has officially become a participant of the UN Global Compact Network (UNGC). The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, calling on companies to align their strategies and operations with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.