MasterTop 1240 – Epoxy resin based floor topping for medium to heavy duty traffic

How does MasterTop 1240 work?

MasterTop 1240 is recommended for industrial floors, where excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance are essential. It is ideal for:

  • Manufacturing and storage areas.
  • Areas subject to traffic and loading.
  • Wet process areas.
  • Re-profiling worn and damaged floors.
  • Textile production – bleaching and dying – areas.
  • Metal processing and engineering plants

What makes MasterTop 1240 a unique solution?

MasterTop 1240 meets the needs of customers who need a thick slip resistant floor screed.

How can you benefit from MasterTop 1240?

The mixed mortar can easily be laid by trowel to a joint less, abrasion and chemical resistant topping. Where situation demands, the aggregate content can be reduced to yield a self-sealing mortar.

  • Resistant to wide range of chemicals, abrasion and impact- suitable for industrial environments
  • Slip resistant – safe in wet areas
  • Impervious (at lower Aggregate content) – prevents staining.
  • Pre proportioned, consistent – no site variations.
  • Aesthetic - Wide colour range