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The BASF Construction Chemicals division offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio. Click on the segments below to learn more about the Master Builders Solutions products.


Our Segments and Products

Admixtures for Concrete

MasterCast Solutions for the manufactured concrete product industry

MasterCellDensity reducing admixtures

MasterFiberSolutions for fiber reinforced concrete

MasterFinishSolutions for formwork treatment

MasterGleniumHyperplasticiser for ultimate performance 

MasterKureSolutions for concrete curing

MasterLifeSolutions for enhanced duarbility

MasterMatrixSolutions for self-consolidating concrete

MasterPolyheedHigh-Performance superplasticiser utilising latest-generation polymers 

MasterPozzolithSolutions for water-reduced concrete 

MasterRheobuildHigh-range superplasticiser for concrete 

MasterSetSolutions for set control 

Green Sense Concrete TechnologyOptimized mixture program  

Performance Flooring Solutions

MasterTopSolutions for industrial and commercial floors 

UcreteFlooring solutions for harsh environments 

Repair, Protection and Grouting Systems

MasterBraceSolutions for concrete strengthening 

MasterEmacoSolutions for concrete strengthening 

MasterFlowSolutions for concrete strengthening 

MasterInjectSolutions for concrete injection 

MasterProtectSolutions for concrete protection 

Tiling Solutions

MasterTileSolutions for tiling systems  

Underground Construction Solutions

MasterRocSolutions for underground construction 

Waterproofing Systems and Sealants

MasterSealSolutions for waterproofing and sealing 

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Admixture Systems

Below Ground Construction Solutions

Industrial Grouting MasterFlow


 MasterEmaco (Solutions for concrete protection and repair)

Metro (Solutions for Underground Construction)

Solutions for everyday self-compacting concrete

Solutions for the pre-cast industry

Sprayed Concrete

TBM (Solutions for Underground Construction)

Ucrete Industrial Flooring. The World's Toughest Floor

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