MasterFlow - World leading grouting solutions

How do the MasterFlow grouting product systems work?

MasterFlow is the industry’s leading range of grouting solutions from BASF that are specially formulated to deliver high-strength structural stabilization. MasterFlow products provide superior strength and precision alignment even in the most demanding of environments.

What makes the MasterFlow system a unique grouting solution?

The MasterFlow products are designed for ease of application and come with a complete system support that is provided by the Master Builder’s Solutions experts from BASF. Through our team of dedicated engineers and technical service force, we develop a clear strategy, identifying the right grouting materials and solutions for lasting security, stability and alignment.

MasterFlow offers durability and alignment even in the most demanding of environments.

Zero shrinkage and resistance to fatigue and vibrations are paramount to the MasterFlow line of cementitious and epoxy grouting products. Our grouts are capable of handling tensile, shear, compressive and dynamic forces, and ensure effective bearing-load distribution when grouting base plates and machinery bases.

Precision Grouts

High-precision, non-shrink cementitious or epoxy grouts are specifically engineered for void and duct grouting, chemical anchoring, precision machinery and element alignment.

Wind Turbine Grouts

Specially formulated for grouting on- and offshore wind turbine installations, they excel in long-term durability, high fatigue resistance and zero shrinkage in very harsh conditions, and guarantee a secure, fast and cost-effective installation.

MasterFlow 150

Powder additive which when mixed with cementitious system imparts shrinkage compensation and high flowability, pumpability to the mix

MasterFlow 410

Solvent-free low exotherm, filler extended grout, based on modified epoxy resin and is designed for use as a precision, heavy duty chocking grout for engineering applications

MasterFlow 648

Precision epoxy resin grout, consisting of 3 components – resin, hardener and specially blended inert aggregates

MasterFlow 870

Non-shrink, natural aggregate precision grout with excellent high early and ultimate strengths


MasterFlow 150 Technical Data Sheet (ref.: MasterFlow 150/01/0313)

pdf (232.94 Kb)

MasterFlow 400 Technical Data Sheet (ref.: MasterFlow 400/01/0313)

pdf (79.60 Kb)

MasterFlow 410 Technical Data Sheet (ref.: MasterFlow 410/01/0313)

pdf (79.62 Kb)

MasterFlow 648 Technical Data Sheet (ref.: MasterFlow648/01/1013)

pdf (199.73 Kb)

MasterFlow 928T Technical Data Sheet (ref.: MasterFlow 928T/01/0313)

pdf (82.88 Kb)