MasterBrace P 3500 – Epoxy primer for MasterBrace Laminate System

How does MasterBrace P 3500 work?

For use as a primer prior to the use of the MasterBrace 4000 adhesive when used in conjunction with MasterBrace Laminates.

What makes MasterBrace P 3500 a unique solution?

MasterBrace P 3500 meets the customers need for a highly penetrating primer to ensure load transfer of the structure to the laminates applied for structural strengthening.

How can you benefit from MasterBrace P 3500?

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete substrate – Ensures transfer of loads
  • Solvent free – Low VOC and non-shrink
  • Pre-packaged – avoids on site errors ensuring quality control
  • Cures at low temperatures – suitable for a range of climates


MasterBrace P 3500: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (118.66 Kb)