High-quality concrete repair from MasterEmaco ensures long-term integrity

How does the MasterEmaco repair system work?

BASF’s MasterEmaco product system under the Master Builders Solutions brand offers comprehensive solutions for concrete that has been damaged or deteriorated by changing weather conditions, chloride ions, contaminants and extreme environments.

The MasterEmaco portfolio of primers, cementitious and resinous repair mortars and fairing coats make up a complete system approach that is used to substitute deteriorated concrete and re-establish the original strength, structural integrity and aesthetics.

What makes MasterEmaco strengthening system a unique solution?

Formulated to be wet or dry spray applied, formed or hand troweled, the MasterEmaco line of superior performance products re-establish the long-term durability and load bearing capacity of concrete. Working quickly to allow a fast return to service, they match the concrete’s strength, improve the aesthetics and prolong the lifecycle of the building or structure.

MasterEmaco comes with a complete support system provided by the Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF.

By diagnosing the underlying cause of the deterioration, our specialists develop the most suitable repair strategy that also prevents further damage and delivers lasting protection.


water or resinous-based primers prepare a clean and homogenous surface for repair mortars, and contain corrosion inhibitors for lasting protection of the steel reinforcements.

Structural Repair

universal, fast setting repair and leveling repair mortars re-establish the integrity of deteriorating structures.

Non-structural Repair

cementitious repair mortars restore non-structural concrete elements.

Fairing Coats

match the color and texture of the original concrete for a smooth, seamless and homogenous finish.

MasterEmaco SBR 2

MasterEmaco T 288

Fast setting pourable micro concrete for rapid repairs to concrete roadways also suitable for thick section repairs

MasterEmaco 2525

Versatile binder and epoxy primer that is suitable for diverse applications

MasterEmaco N 5100

Suitable for evelling uneven surfaces, filling honeycombs and pin holes. It can be used as a topping of up to 3mm thick to face up masonry

MasterEmaco P 158

Mortar additive to improve the adhesion of mortars and reduce their permeability

MasterEmaco S 322

Flowable form and pumpable repair mortar specially for use in aggressive marine environments