MasterEmaco P 158 - SBR acrylic based bonding and polymer modifying agent for concrete and mortars

How does MasterEmaco P 158 work?

MasterEmaco P 158 is a mortar additive to improve the adhesion of mortars and reduce their permeability.

MasterEmaco P 158 is the ideal SBR-latex recommended for use:

  • With cement as a bonding slurry
  • In weather resistant exterior or interior renderings
  • In floor screeds and toppings, or plasters for improved chemical resistance
  • In repair of honeycombed and spalled concrete, beams and precast elements
  • Water resistant screeds in wet areas

What makes MasterEmaco P 158 a unique solution?

MasterEmaco P 158 meets the needs of the customer for a multi-purpose waterbased primer and mortar enhancer.

MasterEmaco P 158 uses a proprietary SBR that has excellent compatibility with cement based mortars and helps improve applicability though enhanced trowelling.

How can you benefit from MasterEmaco P 158?

  • Easy to use – add to mixing water to improve mortars and screeds
  • Economical – Can create a range of polymer modified mortars and screeds with simple variations with lower cement contents
  • Improved workability – mortars easier to apply
  • Addition of acrylic - Improved bonding and impermeability and resistance to salts and other chemicals
  • Controlled shrinkage - Reduced cracking tendency


MasterEmaco P 158: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (169.77 Kb)