MasterPel 725 - Permeability reducing admixture for concrete and mortar

How does MasterPel 725 work?

MasterPel 725 is an integral admixture designed to reduce the rate of transmission of moisture through concrete. It does not contain chemicals that might cause undesirable side effects when used in conjunction with admixtures normally used in concrete.

What makes MasterPel 725 a unique solution?

MasterPel 725, used as an integral admixture in concrete, reacts with the cement hydration process to form a hydrophobic coating on the pore and void surfaces of concrete which reduces the capillary suction and minimizes absorption and penetration of water.

How can you benefit from MasterPel 725?

  • Improved hydrophobic coating
  • Good workability
  • Good cohesiveness


MasterPel 725: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (172.17 Kb)