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    ​​Self-Consolidating Concrete System

    We are committed to bringing only the best and most complete solutions to the concrete industry.

    Smart Dynamic Concrete (SDC) as popularly known as is an innovative concept in concreting. 

    • S = Smart, owing to the concept covering 60% of organized concrete in application
    • D = Dynamic, owing to its flow 
    • C = Concrete benefits (3Es, Economy, Ecology and Ergonomy) 

    Smart Dynamic Concrete (SDC) can upgrade medium and low strength class concrete, with outstanding characteristics of flowability and self-consolidation, thus enhancing the construction efficiency by eliminating the vibration process. The elimination of the vibration process also means higher labor productivity at your construction site. Thereby enhancing safety in today’s challenging environment with social distancing norms across sites. Furthermore, the self- consolidating characteristics allows superior placement and filling, ensuring great concrete finish and durability​.


    This enhances construction quality and prolongs life span of concrete structures.  
    Vibration free concrete
    Faster speed of concrete placement with less labour
    ​Dense and free flowing 
    ​Higher durability 
    ​Lower energy consumption
    Superior concrete finish
    Higher economy, ecological and ergonomical (3E) performance
    Blemish-less, fair faced, architectural concrete

    Concept of SDC

    The SDC is suitable to upgrade high slump concrete to a higher performance level with self-consolidating characteristics and is as easy to produce as standard concrete. It allows the ready-mix industry to reach better construction process economy, higher concrete durability and increased energy efficiency in order to save time and money and reduce CO2 emissions.

    Master Builders Solutions MasterMatrix is an essential component of the SDC concept. It consists of water-soluble polymer witch modifies the rheological properties of concrete mix. Tailored mode of action when used in conjunction with one of Master Builders Solutions MasterGlenium product, MasterMatrix brings a level of viscosity to the mix that allow the right balance between fluidity, passing ability and resistance to segregation apparently opposing properties to be achieved.

    Comparison of traditional vibrated concrete vs SDC

    This data is generated on one of the sites where we have converted traditional vibrated concrete in SDC. This is a M35 grade of concrete and evaluated based on physical and mechanical properties of concrete. Over and above conducted durability parameter in terms of water permeability, water penetration and rapid chloride ion penetration test.          

     Slump Retention SDC Master Builders Solutions Concrete

    Slump Retention SDC Master Builders Solutions Concrete
    Strength Gain SDC Concrete Master Builders Solutions


    • SDC is designed to upgrade high slump concrete to become self-consolidated and self-compacted concrete
    • The centrepiece of this concept is MasterMatrix, a high-performance viscosity modifying agent (VMA) which allows for a quantum leap in concrete robustness
    • SDC combines the advantages both traditional vibrated and SCC
    • SDC improves durability criteria over traditional vibrated concrete
    • This concept makes unique mix design optimisation (by reducing fines) possible
    • SDC adds economical, ecological and ergonomic values to concrete and has the potential to move the market up to the next level of advanced construction practice
    • In today’s testing times, SDC ensures safety at site by minimising labour requirements by eliminating vibration process thereby ensuring social distancing 

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    MasterMatrix Brochure

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    SDC at Pashmina Waterfront

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