MasterSeal 878 - Rapid curing, chemical resistant, elastomeric waterproofing membrane


How does MasterSeal 878 work ?

MasterSeal 878 is a solvent free, two component, high performance polyurea based waterproofing membrane, with high resistance to common chemicals. Using a specially designed spraying machine, the two components are pre-heated and spray applied, to a rapid curing, elastomeric, waterproofing membrane

Recommended Uses:

MasterSeal 878 is recommended for water- proofing of large structures exposed to aggressive waters, containing potable water and other containment structures..

Typical application areas include:

  • Water containment areas.(potable and contaminated)

  • Primary & Secondary containment tanks

  • Waste water treatment tanks

  • Protection & waterproofing of infrastructures


What are the Features & Benefits of MasterSeal 878 ?

  • Fast reacting - Rapid installation. Does not run when applied on vertical surfaces

  • Seamless - No risk of leaky seams and laps.

  • Spray applied - Fast installation on large surfaces; easy application on complex details.

  • Fully bonded - Eliminates water collection behind membrane even if punctured.

  • High tensile strength - Excellent ability to accept movements without rupturing.

  • Elastomeric - Excellent crack-bridging ability.

  • High tear resistance - Minimized risk of damage to membrane in service.

  • Low Tg of -20˚C - Remains elastomeric at very low temperatures. Performance unaffected in below freezing conditions.

  • Solvent-free - Improved safety

  • Potable water contact approved – suitable for tanks containing drinking water.



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MasterSeal 878 Technical Datasheet

pdf (161.33 Kb)