Finestone Exterior Wall Insulation and Decorative Systems

As a high performance exterior wall insulation and decoration systems, Finestone Neo systems use latest rigid foam insulation, Neopor, that gives maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability on construction projects. Furthermore, surface coating is customizable based on customer aesthetic requirements.

High performance Finestone exterior wall insulation and decorative systems from BASF offers excellent insulation performance and virtually borderless design flexibility that provide one-stop sustainable solutions to architects, contractors and builder-owners.

Finestone Coating Systems

Elastic Coatings/Finelastic

With synthetic resin as base material together with pigments, fillers and additives, it forms a flexible coating that cover fine cracks produced by expansion of substrate upon application of specified thickness.

  • With expansion rate of more than 300%, it can effectively cover fine cracks in bridge joint and adaptable to displacement of base materials.
  • Excellent elasticity and dirt resistance as compared to similar product in the market.
  • High solid content, it forms a thicker dry film thickness (DFT) under the same application thickness hence more effective in crack coverage.

Textured coatings/Pebbletex DPR

Comprises of different grades of filler, acrylic polymers and additives, its specially designed viscosity, elasticity and impact resistance ability make it an excellent coating for surface exposed to extreme weathers and moisture.

  • Good elasticity, high pliability, capable of effectively adapt to expansion of base materials.
  • Good fade-proof and dirt resistance properties when use in conjunction with finishing coat.
  • Excellent water resistance.

Stone-like coatings/Stonelook

Comprises of acrylic polymers, color aggregate and additives, Stonelook is a sand-wall coating specially formulated to decorate and protect walls.

  • Good fade-proof and dirt resistance properties when use in conjunction with finishing coat.
  • High degree of replication of stone decoration properties. Natural, brighter and more diverse stone patterns.
  • Excellent water resistance.

Internal wall coating/Interior

Master Builders Solutions latest breakthrough in environment health safety for internal coatings. Developed with water based acrylic polymers as base ingredient, it is more environmental friendly and contain no harmful substances.

  • Applicable on various types of surface such as mortar, masonry, gypsum plaster board or for refurbishment.
  • Does not contain volatile organic compound (VOC), zero - formaldehyde formula*, low odor.
  • Excellent adhesion, easy to apply and unlikely to splatter
  • Long lasting, washable and easy to clean
  • Excellent anti-mold properties
  • Excellent covering power

(*No volatile organic compound (VOC) and zero – formaldehyde indicates: No VOC and free formaldehyde found according to GB18582-2008 compulsory coatings standards in China.)

Recommended to apply with interior base coating to seal voids of substrate, enhance substrate’s surface strength, permeability, closeness and adhesion to base.

Household decorative paints/coatings can be found on BASF flagship store on Tmall.