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    View video presentations on BASF's Master Builders Solutions products, technology and projects.​

    Ucrete Destruction Challenge

    ​Floors in food and pharmaceutical industries must withstand harshest conditions and need to meet highest hygienic requirements at the same time. Our dense and impervious Ucrete flooring systems not only fulfil highest hygienic standards they are designed for the toughest industrial environments, withstanding heavy impact, high and low temperature spillage as well as chemical attack. We challenged Ucrete flooring in the most brutal fashion when bashing, boiling, pickling and freezing it – just to show you how tough Ucrete is. No special effects, no tricks, just brute force.

    MasterCast 355 Application

    ​A guide to the application of MasterCast 355, a powder admixture for improving water resistance in mortar & concrete.

    MasterCast 222 Application

    ​A guide to the application of MasterCast 222 a powder mortar plasticizer that increases spread rates as well as increases mortar volume for rendering applications.

    There's an easy solution to every problem!

    BASF's Master Builders Solutions has launched its selective range of products for the retail market in Egypt. These products have been carefully chosen and introduced in smaller packs to be exclusively distributed by SCIB Paints, the leading paint company in Egypt.

    With innovative solutions for concrete renders and repair, steel protection, waterproofing for damp walls and state of the art adhesives for tiles and marble.  Building your homes has never been easier!

    BASF and SCIB Paints have a common approach for meeting consumer needs in the construction chemicals field in Egypt. This cooperation aims at providing sustainable solutions to the various needs arising during the home finishing and renovation, enabling both companies to be closely connected to their end consumer. 

    MasterFlow Grouts - Weather variables that affect grouting

    ​How to prepare for different weather scenerios before installing Master Builders Solutions‘ grouts (MasterFlow 648, MasterFlow 649, MasterFlow 678, MasterFlow 668, MasterFlow 640).