BASF, under the Master Builders Solutions brand, supplies the broadest portfolio of product systems for construction projects. By connecting with our customers, we provide focused support to engineers, architects and designers. Our tailor-made advice and solutions combine market-leading products and global expertise which match your requirements for design and technical specifications.

Whether for new construction, structural maintenance or refurbishment work, BASF features an unbeatable portfolio which combines market-leading products and global expertise. Our specialist technical support teams work alongside architects, designers, specifiers and engineers to identify the most suitable strategy. By connecting with our customers, our experienced technicians evaluate the individual design specifications of each job-site in line with local conditions to adopt tailor-made solutions for sustainable and durable construction.

BASF works in partnership with customers to advise on fit for purpose solutions that:

  • Meet the technical specifications and project design challenges of each project.
  • Determine affordable and sustainable solutions.
  • Supply products that are environmentally test certified by third party organizations (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB).
  • Offer trouble free installation and risk management.
  • Provide fully compatible product systems.

BASF, also itself an industrial investor, knows what counts in successful building projects. Thus, our emphasis in planning includes risk management. We support you as architect, specifier, designer or engineer in minimizing your risk by using fully compatible product systems and ensuring professional workmanship with recommended applicators trained by BASF.

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