Why choose MasterTop?

The MasterTop product family under the Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF is a group of versatile dry shake, cementitious, epoxy and polyurethane-based flooring systems that are suitable for decorative or industrial uses in a diverse range of sectors.

What makes MasterTop a unique solution?

MasterTop’s outstanding polyurethane flooring products excel in design flexibility, elasticity, crack and scratch resistance and are exceptionally tough. Ideal for public, commercial and retail buildings as well as healthcare and educational facilities, polyurethane flooring is completely seamless and makes an attractive, hygienic, easily cleanable and durable floor that is pleasant to walk on.

MasterTop’s line of epoxy flooring products is commonly used in factories and warehouses due to their significant mechanical strength and resistance to corrosive liquids such as chemicals, oils, chlorides and fuels.

We also supply MasterTop dry shakes and cementitious toppings where economical hardwearing surfaces are needed to be applied in factories and warehousing facilities. These hard cement based floor toppings are made up of sand, special cements and hard aggregates to provide high mechanical resistance.

A reliable partner for your flooring needs.

Our technical support services from BASF take into consideration the entire life cycle of the product to accurately diagnose the best quality, most durable, sustainable and cost-effective flooring solution. Our MasterTop product systems are designed to match the specific needs of each customer, application and sector, where speed of application and fast return to service are essential.

MasterTop Products

MasterTop 1200 (Formerly Mastertop 1200 iM)

Low viscosity, epoxy resin primer and sealer for concrete floors

MasterTop 1200 THIXO

Epoxy resin sealer for epoxy mortars concrete floors

MasterTop 1205 (Formerly Mastertop 1175)

High build, solvent-free epoxy coating for concrete floors

MasterTop 1207

High build, solvent-free epoxy coating for concrete floors

MasterTop 1210 (Formerly Mastertop 1210 iM)

Multi-component, solvent-free epoxy coating for concrete floors

MasterTop 1273 AS

Medium load bearing, self-levelling, low emission (AgBB conformity), anti-static epoxy system with a smooth finish

MasterTop 20 (Formerly Mastertop 20M)

Concrete hardening and dustproofing liquid

MasterTop 430

MasterTop 518

MasterTop 528

MasterTop 538

MasterTop 548

MasterTop DTZ

Highly decorative seamless epoxy terrazzo floor system

MasterTop P 651

Three-component, high-build solvent free epoxy surface sealer and primer

MasterTop SR1&3

Aggregates for use in conjunction with MasterTop and MasterSeal systems

MasterTop TC 406W

Water-borne, matt polyurethane seal coat

MasterTop TC 941

The innovative topcoat with exceptional cleanability and scratch resistance for hard wearing solutions

MasterTop 100 (Formerly Mastertop 100M)

Pre-mixed dry shake surface floor hardener

MasterTop 1110 (Formerly Mastertop 1110M)

Water-based epoxy floor and wall coating for concrete and masonry surfaces

MasterTop 1230

Self-smoothing, solvent-free, epoxy overlay system for concrete floors

MasterTop 1240 (Formerly Mastertop 1240 iM)

Multi-component epoxy screed and repair compound

MasterTop 1324

MasterTop 1325

MasterTop 1326

MasterTop 1327

MasterTop 135 PG

Pumpable & pourable mortar for flooring overlay

MasterTop 500

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