MasterRoc® ACP 130 – Anti-clay-polymer for earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines (TBM)

Formerly: RHEOSOIL 130

How does MasterRoc ACP 130 work?

MasterRoc ACP 130 is specially designed to reduce the clogging and adhesion effects of clayey soils and clays that have a very high plasticity index. It can be injected at the cutterhead, working chamber and screw conveyer and creates a stable foam that can be used with standard foam generators installed on earth pressure balance (EPB) machines.

What are the unique features of MasterRoc ACP 130?

  • Reduces clogging and adhesion effects on the cutterhead.
  • Creates a plastic soil material, which can be easily excavated and transported.
  • Is manufactured from natural, renewable resources.

How does MasterRoc ACP 130 benefit TBM Contractors?

  • Helps to avoid re-agglomeration of clay particles.
  • Reduces cutterhead torque.
  • Increases TBM speed.

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