MasterRoc TSL 865 - Elastic polymer-based thin spray-on liner (TSL) for surface reinforcement and weathering protection of soil, rock and coal strata

Formerly: MEYCO TSL 865 Admixture

How does MasterRoc TSL 865 work?

MasterRoc TSL 865 is a single-component polymer powder for spray application onto soil and rock for reinforcement or weathering protection.

Through good bond to most substrates, high elasticity and high tensile strength, the ground stability and stand-up-time is improved.

Sprayed concrete can be applied against the membrane as soon as it has set.

Recommended for use in:

  • Stabilization of soil and rock
  • A possible alternative to mesh/screen protection with or without the use of bolts
  • Preliminary slope protection binding the surface before the area is ready for sprayed concrete
  • Pillar/rib support
  • Helps to reduce hard-rock strain bursting
  • Rehabilitation of collapsed areas
  • Vent stopping
  • Water retention pond liners

What are the unique features of MasterRoc TSL 865?

  • No toxic components
  • No classification needed for transport
  • Ready for use
  • Fast setting (within five minutes) and gains tensile strength during the following hours, days and weeks

What are the benefits of MasterRoc TSL 865?

  • Good bond to concrete, rock and coal
  • Spray application by simple equipment
  • Rapid set up; allows stop and start at any time; easily cleaned with minimal waste
  • Reduces air-slaking and rock weathering

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