MasterCell 10 - Foaming agent for lightweight concrete

How does MasterCell 10 work?

MasterCell 10 ready to use concentrated liquid foaming agent for producing rheoplastic lightweight foam concrete. MasterCell 10 can be used with all types of Portland Cement.

Recommended Uses:

MasterCell 10 is used in applications where concrete with dry densities of 600 to 1800kg/m3 is required:

  • Insulation concrete - density approx. 600 - 1000kg/m3
  • Levelling concrete - density approx. 1200 kg/m3
  • Backfilling concrete - density approx. 1350kg/m3
  • Encasement concrete - density approx. 1600kg/m3

What are the features and benefits of MasterCell 10?

  • Produces high foam - creates lightweight concrete
  • Reduces heat conductivity - provides better heat insulation


MasterCell 10: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (135.75 Kb)

MasterCell 10ME SDS

pdf (107.01 Kb)