Solutions for Wind Energy Foundations and Towers

Specialized fatigue resistant grouting solutions for wind power


  • As one of the most mature renewable energy industries, wind power has already proved its ability to provide safe, efficient, clean and increasingly affordable electricity.

Master Builders Solutions supports the development of wind power as a climate-friendly source of energy by offering our most advanced solutions for ensuring durability, full reliability of the assets and by aiding the successful construction of modern windfarms.

In response to fast-changing new designs, extreme challenging environments and advancing technology, Master Builders Solutions experts have drawn on over 100 years of experience in the construction industry to engineer:

  • High-strength, ultra-durable and fatigue resistant grouts that specifically meet the demands of off- and onshore wind turbine installations and refurbishments
  • Highly durable protection coating for off- and onshore steel structures, which set a new level of protection and can achieve a 25 years life time protection, even on harsh marine environment.