Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Fast repair solutions with minimal cost and downtime

Repair solutions in food and beverage processing facilities face a number of demanding factors. Most crucially, repair solutions must be able to resist corrosive substances, harsh cleaning regimens, high levels of abrasion from carts or other machinery, and exposure to extreme thermal changes – all while reducing the facility downtime. The application of our fast curing repair mortars is ideal for patching up deteriorated floors in preparation for flooring surfaces.

We also offer a complete line of cementitious and polymer-based precision grouting materials for the stabilization and anchoring of machinery and transportation equipment.


Flooring tailored for any challenge

Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, BASF offers world leading flooring solutions for the food and beverage industry. The specialized Ucrete polyurethane flooring systems set the standards for seamless flooring. UCRETE is extraordinarily durable, easy to clean, and can be installed quickly in accordance with the needs of the facility to provide a fast return to service. UCRETE systems are seamless, dense and impervious to ensure the stringent hygiene requirements of this sector are met, while creating anti-slip properties for a safe working environment.

Where harsh cleaning regimens using hot water, steam and cleaning chemicals are employed, Ucrete demonstrates outstanding thermal shock resistance by retaining its integrity up to temperatures of 265°F (130°C.) It also features extreme resistance to aggressive chemicals and mechanical stress, providing a long-lasting - and cost-effective - flooring solution.



Brochure: Ucrete - Solutions for the Meat Industry

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Brochure: Ucrete - Solutions for the Seafood Industry

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Ucrete - Solutions for flooring in breweries

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Ucrete - Solutions for the Diary & Milk Products Industry

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Ucrete Brochure

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