MasterSeal Traffic 2262 - An exceptionally hard wearing coating system

How does MasterSeal Traffic 2262 work?

MasterSeal Traffic 2262 is a 4-6 mm thick resilient polyurethane car park deck system for use in heavily used area such as ramps and spiral ramps, to provide a tough scratch resistant watertight floor finish suitable for use on substrates subject to vibration and dynamic forces. The system is based on advanced polymer to offer exceptionally wearing resistance property for the decking. It consists of an epoxy substrate primer, resilient polyurethane wearing coats and hard wearing epoxy top coat.

Recommended uses:

MasterSeal Traffic 2262 is intended for use on intermediate and basement ramps, spiral ramps, loading and unloading bays where a heavy impact and hard wearing system is required. Degree of slip resistance is adjustable to suit for different service condition and leaning requirements.

What are the features and benefits of MasterSeal Traffic 2262?

  • Attractive appearance with wide colour ranges
  • Low dirt and tyre marks retention
  • Excellent wear and slip resistance
  • Flexibility enhances impact resistance and hair line crack
  • High vapour permeability that lower risk of blistering and monolithically bonded to the substrate
  • Impervious and seamless for easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to fuels, battery acid, de-icing salts, alkaline cleaners
  • Solvent free and complies with HK EPD requirement
  • Low emission to AgBB
  • LEED certification

 MasterSeal Traffic 2262 is available in a range of colours, please contact BASF Construction Chemicals (HK) for more information.


MasterSeal Traffic 2262: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (204.57 Kb)