Responsible Care and Quality Policy

BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC regard the management of quality, environmental and health and safety issues as an integral part of its operations of developing, marketing, manufacturing and delivering chemicals for the construction industry.  This will entail the training and involvement of all employees to meet the company’s commitments to quality, safety, and care of the environment under the BASF group commitment to Responsible Care®.
The company’s documented system based on
Quality Management System ISO 9001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001
Health and Safety Management System OHSAS ISO 45001
describes the organization, responsibilities and activities employed by BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC to control the quality of its products, their safety and environmental impacts.
BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC will meet and, where possible, exceed the requirements of Federal and local legislation and standards with respect to product quality, safety and environmental requirements.
BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC will develop and manufacture products in a planned and efficient manner in order to meet its customers’ requirements in terms of performance, availability, delivery and price.
BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC commits to sustainable development by using natural resources in a responsible way, seeking to reduce their consumption, recycling where it cannot reuse, thereby minimizing its output of waste and emissions.
BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC will strive to incorporate safety into all operations and products, eliminating risks where possible, minimizing risks where they cannot be eliminated.
BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC will analyse the safety and environmental impacts of all new processes and products prior to production and their launch into the marketplace and will advise its customers how to use and dispose of its products safely with the minimum impact on their environment.
BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC will communicate the significant environmental aspects to external parties (neighbours, authorities) if requested.
Quality, environmental and health and safety performance will be measured by the management teams who will establish objectives and seek continual improvement against their defined targets.

Scope of Integrated Management System

The scope of the company's RC & Q management system considers the Internal and external issues, interested parties and refers to the activities of the company in order to develop, procure materials, process, store and deliver a range of construction chemicals and the company provides following technical services to the customer:

  • Product application training
  • Site Visit
  • Demonstration
BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC Management Team

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