MasterAir - Air-entraining admixtures with advanced freeze-thaw durability

How do MasterAir air-entraining admixtures work?

MasterAir air-entraining admixtures facilitate the development of a stable air void system within concrete that increases the durability of the concrete.

What makes MasterAir a unique solution resistant to freeze and thaw?

Using MasterAir admixtures results in increased resistance to deterioration from cyclic freezing and thawing exposure conditions. These products also improve workability and cohesiveness of concrete facilitating placement.

Having the right air-entraining admixture partner is vital for success

The MasterAir product family comes with the Master Builders Solutions technical support team from BASF. By listening to our customers and working closely with them we are able to introduce new and exciting products and develop specific solutions for the most efficient and cost-effective concrete production.

MasterAir Products 

MasterAir 100

Air-entraining admixture for concrete


Brochure - Green Sense Concrete: MasterAir

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