​MasterFlame JS 225 - High performance, intumescent, firestop sealant

What is ​MasterFlame JS 225?

MasterFlame JS 225 is a graphite based intumescent firestop sealant which when exposed to fire strongly expands protecting penetrations including cables, cable bunches, cable trays, plastic and metallic pipes. MasterFlame JS 225 maintains the integrity and insulation performance of the seal through masonry, plasterboard and pre-coated firestop board MasterFlame B 302. MasterFlame JS 225 has excellent non-slump properties coupled with ease of application.

What is ​MasterFlame JS 225 used for?

MasterFlame JS 225 is intended for use in service penetrations through walls and floors where fire integrity and insulation needs to be preserved. Under fire conditions the product swells and exerts pressure to the surrounding substrates leading to closure of the penetration. The integrity and insulation is then maintained by the stability of the remaining product char.

What are the benefits of ​MasterFlame JS 225?

• Suitable for use in block wall, concrete, masonry, plasterboard and pre-coated firestop board MasterFlame B 302.
• Tested in linear joints up to 20mm wide.
• Tested in large service openings up to 300 x 100mm and 200 x 200mm.
• Tested with insulated metallic pipes, cables, cable bunches (inc telecommunication), cable trays and cable ladders.
• Tested with combustible pipes up to 125mm dia - PVC, HDPE and ABS.
• Tested for use with sealing Armaflex and glass wool insulation.
• Suitable for use in irregular applications.
• Causes no known effects to plastic pipes, plastic cables, sheathing or metallic components
• Easy clean up with water and is odorless.
• Long life and paintable.
• Smoke, gas, water and air tight.
• High expansion ratio to close openings.
• Resists fungi and vermin.


MasterFlame JS 225_MS

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MasterFlame JS 225_TDS

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