MasterGlenium 112 - New polycarboxylic ether superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete

What makes MasterGlenium 112 a unique product?

MasterGlenium 112 is differentiated from conventional superplasticisers, such as those based on sulphonated melamine and naphthalene formaldehyde condesates in that it is based on a unique carboxylic ether polymer with long lateral chains.

Which are its main features?

MasterGlenium 112 offers the following benefits for:

The ready-mix producer:

  • Capability of delivering high performance concrete at any time to the job site in place
  • Production of a concrete with low water cement ratios without loss of workability
  • Single product for many application needs

The contractor / applicator:

  • Easier placing and faster strength development
  • Improved concrete surfaces

The engineer:

  • Insurance that concrete meets original specification
  • High quality durable concrete


MasterGlenium 112_TDS

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