​MasterRoc MP 304 - Low viscosity, fast reacting and highly flexible acrylic resin with adjustable reaction speed for permanent water sealing, joint repair and layer curtaining of concrete and masonry

What is MasterRoc MP 304?

MasterRoc MP 304 is a highly reactive twocomponent acrylic sealing resin with a low viscosity for good penetration. The product cures quickly, forming a highly flexible hydrogel with excellent swelling/re-swelling properties.
Because of its excellent elongation and flexibility it is able to compensate limited movement of cracks. The product keeps even after dry periods its excellent water swelling properties.

What is MasterRoc MP 304 used for?

  • Concrete repair – swelling fitted filling of cracks and fissures
  • Curtain injection
  • Joint repair
  • Permanent water sealing of tunnel and shaft concrete linings and masonry
  • Injection into damp areas or with standing water
  • Stopping of minor water inrush through cracks

What are the benefits of MasterRoc MP 304?

  • Upon curing forms a highly flexible compact resin with good adhesion properties even on damp and wet surfaces.
  • The cured resin is resistant to acidic and alkaline solutions as well as many other solvents.
  • Can swell up to 100% of its initial volume, accommodating structural and ground movement. The swelling is reversible and after dry periods the resin maintains its selfhealing properties.
  • Good bond strength to fractured rock and concrete, even under wet conditions.
  • Very low viscosity (close to water) allows deep penetration at low pressure into very fine cracks or fissures and long flow paths.
  • Controlled gel time between 15 seconds and 3:30 minutes at 20°C.
  • Environmentally friendly: Harmless in contact with groundwater and no emission of dangerous substances.

Production Information


MasterRoc MP 304_TDS

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