MasterSeal 725SA - A SBS self-adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane for sub-structures and deck application

What is MasterSeal 725SA?

MasterSeal 725SA is a self-adhesive waterproofing, elastomeric modified bitumen (SBS), with high mechanical performances; top side is covered by black polypropylene film, while bottom side is covered by peel-off siliconized film, halved in the middle, for ease of application.

Where is MasterSeal 725SA bitumen waterproofing membrane applied?

  • Waterproofing of underground walls
  • Waterproofing of non-drinkable water tanks
  • Flashings to pitched roofs
  • Reinforcement of waterproofing on pitched roofs subject to filtering arising from rain and wind, or the accumulation of snow or ice on roofs, especially if low pitched and on gables.
  • It can be used either as underlay or reinforcement layer for waterproofing systems with bituminous shingles. 
  • Capillarity barrier in partially below-ground walls to stop rising water
  • As a vapour barrier in both conventional and deck roof systems. 

What are the advantages of a MasterSeal 725SA self-adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane for sub-structures and deck application?

  • Cold application, no flame needed for the application; this prevents the risk of fire on roofs with wooden supports. 
  • Simple application without the need for additional tools. 
  • Quick and easy installation. 
  • Very flexible and stable membrane. Facilitates handling and speed during installation. 
  • Extremely easily to apply: it is applied rapidly, cleanly and without the need for special tools.
  • Easy adherence to the substrate after applying the asphalt primer (suggested solvent based). 
  • Overlaps are carried out by simple contact and pressure.
  • No flame needed for the application; it only requires a brush cutter, and rubber roller.


MasterSeal 725SA_TDS

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