MasterSeal 588

Elastomeric, cement based membrane for waterproofing concrete and masonry in contact with all types of water

Where to use MasterSeal 588?

MasterSeal 588 is an elastomeric cement-based waterproof membrane used for waterproofing water retaining structures especially if they are subjected to movement. As example, MasterSeal 588 is used in potable water reservoirs, process water reservoirs and waste water inflow areas in treatment plants. MasterSeal 588 is also used in basement waterproofing systems, in areas with movements, vibrations and slight settlement.

MasterSeal 588 is highly waterproof and offers excellent concrete protection against carbonation, deicing salts and acidic substances

Masterseal 588 shows chemical resistance against soft water, domestic waste water, manure or other liquids moderately aggressive to mineral substrates. MasterSeal 588 is applied using a brush or spray equipment. MasterSeal 588 only requires applied thicknesses of 2 mm to achieve its waterproofing properties. MasterSeal 588 is formulated fulfilling the requirements of European and local legislations to be in direct contact with potable water. This includes the regulations regarding the positive lists of constituents and the migration tests. Approvals on several European countries for contact with potable water are available.

How you will enjoy the benefits of Masterseal 588?

MasterSeal 588 only requires the mixing of the two pre-batched components and the application is also very easy with brush or by a worn-driven spray pump. High durability of the membrane in permanent immersion and in contact with slightly acidic water solutions, ensure long term waterproofing of tanks. Fully certified product according EN 1504 part 2 that ensures consistency in performance.

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MasterSeal 588: Technical Data Sheet

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