MasterSeal M 808

Waterproofing membrane, crack bridging and resistant to chemically aggressive environments

What is MasterSeal M 808 and where is it used?

MasterSeal M 808 is a multi-purpose waterproofing membrane for water management industry both for areas with high chemical and mechanical demands (inflow) and for areas where potable water is stored (disinfection and outflow). Additionally it is used in industrial process areas where concrete or steel structures are affected by water containing dissolved aggressive chemicals.

MasterSeal M 808 – high elasticity and high chemical resistance

MasterSeal M 808 is a two component polyurethane membrane that offers, at the same time, high elasticity to bridge cracks in the substrate and high chemical resistance. The membrane is formulated fulfilling the requirements of European and local legislations to be in direct contact with potable water. This includes the regulations regarding the positive lists of constituents and the migration tests. Approvals on several European countries for contact with potable water are available.

Which are the benefits of MasterSeal M 808 for you?

You can apply MasterSeal M 808 both on concrete and on metallic substrates. Its long pot life allows the application either by roller of by air-less spraying. Using MasterSeal M 808 you can benefit from the long term durability due to its high chemical resistance, the low permeability to water and the high elastic properties that ensure the continuity of the membrane even in case of moving substrates with opening cracks. The membrane is applied fully bonded and monolithic to substrate without laps, welds or seams. MasterSeal M 808 has high abrasion resistance and high impact resistance which also ensure a long term stability of the membrane exposed to mechanical loads. All the properties and the design of the system reduce the risk of infiltration of water and other dissolved substances enhancing the durability of the waterproofed substrate.
Fully certified product according EN 1504 part 2 that ensures consistency in performance.

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MasterSeal M 808 Declaration of Performance

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Masterseal M 808: Technical Data Sheet

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